29 May 2010

you can go home again

and when you get home, you can take pictures of it.
and then later, 
when you aren't so tired, 
you can write more about home.
what is it about being home 
that makes my entire body 
collapse in on itself
and beg for more time
sleeping in
the bedroom that still has 
the pink carpet 
i picked when i was 6?

the morning walk along the Mississippi.  
{Yes, that's a pug in the stroller.  He's old and can't walk well, ok?}

recovery from the morning walk

downtown burlington and the snake alley criterium

{snake alley is the crookedest street in the world.}

{and every year, there's a bike race on 
the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend:  
the Snake Alley Criterium.}

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