29 June 2010

every time i fly, i think...

Why do pilots announce the wind speed and direction at your destination?

I know this is an important-to-their-job details, but unless it's a hurricane or tornado, the average person doesn't think much about which direction the wind is coming from.

{This would be similar to me announcing before I write an article for work, "I have opened Word.  I'm using, as I normally do, Times New Roman to write in today.  Have a nice day."}

I do appreciate the information.  I always appreciate having a lot information, perhaps even too much information.  My theory is that I can pick and choose what I want to pay attention to.  {Spoken like a true multi-tasker of the information age.} 

Why is my flight delayed?

What do you mean exactly by "mechanical difficulty?"  Does this mean engine is going to explode or a little light is out?

Do flight attendants get annoyed that no one ever pays attention to them demonstrating how to use a seat belt?

I once forgot to turn off my cell phone and we still made it safely to wherever I was going.  Why do I have to turn off my cell phone?  {Not that I want to be accessible in the air.  I'm really just curious.}

Why do people on the safety card—people who are being evacuated during a water landing—look so gleeful?  So happy to be jumping down the inflatable ramp?  Do they think it's a ride at Disney World? 

What is the wind speed and direction at my destination?


  1. How about asking your brother who, I believe, is a pilot. Perhaps he can give you more than the necessary amount of information on the pre-flight pilot chatter.

  2. I agree, why not ask our family expert:)



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