23 July 2010

a blooming success

Look!  A flower growing!  For me! 

This makes me think of Frog and Toad.  You know, those books for kids about, quite obviously, a frog and a toad who are best friends {the best friends part maybe isn't as obvious}.

If you go back and read the stories as a grown-up—and I suggest you make a mad dash for the childrens' library right now {I don't care if you're at work; the only real impediment to this plan should be if the library is closed, and in that case, you should go to your nearest bookstore}—you realize, as with most stories for kids, Frog and Toad has simple reminders about really important things.  Just the kind of reminders grown-ups need every now and again:  what it means to be brave, how to be a good friend, and that patience is a virtue.

And so to celebrate my blooming flowers, a little excerpt from Frog and Toad Together—from the story "The Garden."


"At last," shouted Toad, "my seeds have stopped being afraid to grow!"

"And now you will have a nice garden too," said Frog.

"Yes," said Toad, "but you were right, Frog.  It was very hard work."

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