25 June 2011

41 days: an update

41! 41! 41!

I got two more followers, thanks to my somewhat whiny plea. {Please like me. Please.}

Note to self: Whining works. Do it more.

Note to self #2: First of all, you probably shouldn't call it "Note to self #2." Then it's like you have two selves, and people will start to think you're crazy. Or they'll start to wonder which of you is writing or talking to them. Maybe go for "#2 Note to self" next time, self #2.

Second of all, now you have to follow through and post for 41 business days.

I solemnly swear to you, my 41 followers, that it won't be 41 days of, "Hey, so, um...what to say? Well, I had this really good salad today for lunch. Peaches, mozzarella, and basil. Yummy. You should try it. Byeeee!"

If it ever gets to that point, please unfollow me. Heck, if I could, I would unfollow me at that point, but that sounds tricky. It also makes me sound like I have two selves, which as discussed above, I don't.

I also solemnly point out that I'm going on vacation to France in a week. So those business days may not exactly be consecutive, but let's face it: being in France for nine days will give me more than 41 days of material.

The light! The language! Me trying to speak the language! The trains! The wine! The food! The connecting with my French self!

Finally, I had this conversation with my mother last night:
Mama: You don't know where they got the gold?
Me: Who got gold? Did we get gold? Is there a treasure?
Mama: The Israelites. You really don't remember where they got the gold?
Me: Oh, the Bible. You're talking about my desperate plea post, aren't you? See, I was confused because just two seconds ago, we were talking about family news stuff. And then you mentioned gold. You can see how it makes sense that I jumped to the conclusion that our family had found a buried treasure.
Mama: Yes, I'm talking about how the Egyptians gave the Israelites gold on their way out of the country. You don't remember that?
Me: Well, now, yes. But it'd probably be more helpful if you re-told this Bible story using a felt board and felt people and felt pieces of gold. That's how I learned all my Bible lessons back in the day.
Mama: But not this one. {Look of consternation about my Bible knowledge.}
Me: Apparently not. {Look of shame, with a side glance to my sister, who most likely remembers this part of the story because she was the queen of Bible quiz.}

So to set the record straight:
  • I will be posting for 41 business days, with a little break for France. We all need more little breaks for France.
  • I do not have two selves.
  • The Egyptians gave their gold to the Israelites as they fled, and then the Israelites used that to make a golden calf. I apologize to all my Sunday School teachers for not paying enough attention to the felt board during that lesson.


  1. I like your mom. Haha. Seriously, K, let's do a little Biblical research first next time. :)

  2. I know! Do research before putting things on the Interwebs, especially when your mother is going to read it!



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