06 February 2012

for sale {a poem} {feb fun #5}

The house which had been empty is now full,
a testament, perhaps, to the recovering housing market.
Months it sat, a shell of a home,
with that red front door that was meant to be welcoming,
but it clashed with the For Sale sign in the flowerless, brown, scraggly front yard.

A family has moved in now.

A cat has appeared in the front bay window, suspiciously eying passers-by.

There's a new blue sled propped up against the garage
bought in anticipation of a real Midwestern winter of snow that has yet to come this year.

Formal portraits have been hung in the formal living room or beige couches and chairs,
but downstairs in the family room,
the big screen TV is showing a football game
and as one, the family jumps up and

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