16 August 2012

on the blog today {the great weaver migration}

I've seen this on other blogs—much more famous blogs, I should add. Blogs where the writers get asked to contribute to other blogs, and so they link to that other post by saying something like:

See today's thoughts over here on the Second Greatest Blog Ever, After Mine.


I'm writing over here today.

I could try that, but I don't think I'm famous enough. So instead, I'll say:

I'm driving across the country with my sister and her husband, and we have a blog called The Great Weaver Migration '12. {Weaver being their last name.}

We're on our way from Los Angeles to Rochester, NY {my gosh, we live in SUCH a big country}, and today we arrived in Iowa.


Where we come from.

The Great State.

And I couldn't do my "coming home to Iowa rituals" and I blame my brother-in-law for that. He's always getting in the way of my rituals.

And so I wrote about that in a post called "{missed} fields of opportunity," a title that only improves if you know what the Welcome to Iowa sign says. So you should go read that, over there on that other blog I was asked to write for because I'm so famous/because my sister set it up.

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