28 November 2012

how to avoid tripping over Nativity sets

I left on my Christmas tree lights overnight, and I can hear in my head a paraphrase of that line from A Christmas Story: "Careful, kid, you'll burn your house down."

Will I? Well, that's a risk I'm willing to take it it means that I can emerge from my bedroom at 5:15, slippers scuffling on the floor, and immediately be in the glow of the Christmas tree.

When you live alone, as I do, you get used to doing things your own way—you get used to certain routines and having total control of your space.

This has its advantages, of course, this having rooms of one's own, including this: I haven't quite finished with my Christmas decorating yet {perhaps I should just let my pug have more mulled wine and see if she can finish up the decorating}, so the storage bins are still out in the living room.

Martha Stewart would be appalled, and Real Simple would look away in embarrassment.
Didn't we show you how simple it was to make your own decorations using nothing but shoeboxes, twine, and berries?

And didn't we say you could decorate every nook and cranny in an afternoon, filling your home with whimsical surprises of Christmas, all while following our time-saving tips?

A small wreath made from spray-painted foam balls on the bedroom door, Mason jars filled with peppermints on the bookshelf, etc.: These were the decorations we inspired you with.

How did you not learn that a real Real Simple devotee would've done all this, had the storage bins {labelled, of course!} put away, and moved on to packaging hostess gifts for those inevitable holiday parties?

If we haven't turned you into the kind of woman that makes other people say, "I don't know how she does it" by now, then that's not our fault.

Um, I may have some misplaced rage toward Real Simple. I'll work on that later.

Right now, I will say: my Christmas storage bins are still out, and I'm all right with that.

Leaving the Christmas tree lights on all night was actually part of my master plan to avoid tripping over them this morning.

Coming out into a Christmas glow of a morning is one thing; the fact that that glow keeps me from tripping over a Nativity set is a bonus I'll pretend I planned for.


  1. No rage toward Real Simple is misplaced.

    1. You know, you're probably right, Alyssa :) I don't subscribe anymore to the magazine, but I still get their emails with recipes, craft projects, and new uses for old things.

      Seriously, they taught me years ago that you could grind rice in your coffee grinder to clean it out, and that tip alone made my subscription worth it.

      Since then, though, they haven't been as helpful...except helpful in the guilt department, which is a terrible department to be helpful in.



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