07 January 2015

routine and breakfast burritos

Every Wednesday is breakfast burrito day at my company, and I wonder what it says about us that this is a Big Deal every week.

"Breakfast burrito day!" one woman sing-songs to me every Wednesday morning.

For awhile, I had a recurring meeting at 8:30 on Wednesday—just the time many of us typically take our morning break and head into the cafeteria for that burrito. Occasionally the meeting would be cancelled for one reason or another, and you'd hear murmured around the office, "Oh, good: I don't like anything interfering with my burrito day!"

I know why this is a Big Deal for me: because I love routine. I love knowing that on Wednesdays, I'll have a burrito for breakfast. It's reliably good and consistently there, so especially at a time when so much feels up in the air—

Will Congress be able to accomplish something this term? Why do planes keep disappearing? What's with that attack on a satirical magazine in Paris? (Nous sommes tous Charlie.)

—with all that up in the air, I love knowing for sure a little thing about my life: that the breakfast burrito is delicious.

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