07 August 2010

i do not like being objectified {who does?}

The August weather has been deceptively pleasant for running.  I head out at 6am, and it feels like there's a catch of chill and freshness in the air.  This is what happens when it's been in the 90s with 127% humidity; if the temperature drops to 70 overnight, you're suddenly re-invigorated by the fall-like crispness.

I know.  70 does not an autumn make.  But after slogging through so much humidity on my morning runs, 70 does a happy runner make.

70 is still 70, though, and August in the Midwest is still humid, even if the humidity level isn't at soul-sucking {as it was for part of July, and as it will be again soon, I'm sure}.

I ran 5 miles yesterday morning before work.  Supposed to be an easy, gentle jog with some hill sprints in the middle, but by the time I got to those hills, I had the river of sweat thing going.

And my back hurt.  This is one time it's not useful to be a medical writer for a spine site; I know too much for my own good.  That twinge?!?  Oh my gosh, that's coming from my SI joint...!  It improves with extension, so there might be nerve impingement...!  I think I have [fill in spinal disorder].  My hypochondriac bet is on ankylosing spondylitis.  It's where your spine slowly but naturally fuses all the way up, starting in YOUR SI JOINT.  {Sorry about the shouting.  I get overly excited about back pain.}

So I was not exactly the picture of a running model, but the hill was in front of me, and up I went.  Striding.  Pulling.  Thinking about using my upper body.  Pumping the arms.  Feeling the thighs complain with the effort.

Halfway up the hill, a garbage truck came past.  The garbage man whistled, and while I do not like being objectified {I'm not just some pretty thing for you to appreciate from afar}, that whistle made me run better.  Someone was watching.  Someone was liking what they saw.

I feel bad for admitting this, that I liked the attention, like my empowered woman self should've given him a piece of my powerful mind.

But I didn't.  I just ran harder.

It was a good run.

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