26 September 2010

an apple a day

Until today, I had never been apple picking, a sad, shocking fact when you realize how much I talk about pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, the glory of leaves changing colors, and wearing sweaters.

A few weeks ago, I set some seasonal goals for myself, the most important one being:  pick apples.

If any frolicking in an apple orchard or drinking apple cider happened concurrent to that, that would just be a bonus.

I really just wanted to pick a bushel, or perhaps a peck {if I could figure out what that is}, of apples.  While doing so, I wanted to sing "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck" from Guys and Dolls.

Today, I picked half a bushel of apples, of Jonathan and Empire apples.

I did not sing because I was kidding about that part, but I did drink apple cider and I was wearing a hoodie and my friends and I laughed loudly and often as we lugged our half-bushel of little apples across the orchard, all under a crystal blue sky.

I think I'll make some pie out of sheer americana and excitement from getting to check off a goal.  Because seriously, what else am I going to do with all these apples?

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