28 September 2010

a prayer of thankfulness

The tree stands tall,
a smidge taller than the other trees around,
like a pre-schooler standing on her tippy-toes
so she's the tallest one in the class picture.

That very top part, that taller tip of the tree
shines like a crown:
golden leaves
ruby leaves
emerald leaves.
Regal in the cathedral of the sky.

On an early morning run,
I pass the tree
and I release a sigh of thankfulness.

For leaves and cathedrals
and for the color blue,
for pre-schoolers and for how my legs move,
carrying me forward into the day,
as I pray in sighs and inhalations.

1 comment:

  1. awesome stuff. i thought of you on my run tonight.... it was raining and forcing the colorful leaves off the trees. it was quintessential new england autumn and i was soaking it all in on my run.

    it was such a beautiful site that i wanted to share it with someone that could appreciate both the site and the run.... and i thought you were just that person!



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