11 November 2010

profoundly thankful {preparation for thanksgiving}

I am profoundly thankful
for Indian summer
hot showers
and Bath & Body Works Moonlit Path lotion

For my running path of crushed gravel
and for my arms swinging, muscles flexing

For a muscle knot in my upper back
and for the friend who kneads it out
for being needed
and for kneading bread

For French bread
and French words:
raplapla et boulversee
that tell you what they mean
by their very sound

For the sound of train whistles in the night
when I'm reading in bed
two pillows stacked beneath my head
the book propped on my chest

For the smell of library books
and for opening a new book.

For all this
I am profoundly thankful
and I do not
say that enough.

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