01 January 2011

on the first day of the year

On New Year's Day, I like to do things that I hope to enjoy for the next year. I honestly don't know where I came up with that idea, but I've done it for several years now.

I don't do much planning and dreaming for the next year.

I don't do Resolutions. {Such a strong word—resolute—and I don't normally shy away from strong words. But in the case of making these declarations about the next year, I prefer the slightly softer Decisions. New Year's Decisions.}

But I do have this deeply felt idea that on New Year's, I should have a day of:
  • running
  • reading
  • writing
  • friends
  • family
  • cooking
  • laughing

It's as if I'm trying to draw good luck and happy days and strength for when the days aren't happy: I enjoy this now, today on the first day of the year. Please let me enjoy again.

And now, off to the day. To the year.

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