29 January 2011

show and tell warning

I read the comics every day.

Correction: I try to read the comics every day. I try to read the paper every day, but sometimes, I have to admit, all I get to is the Ask Amy advice column and the comics.

Keeping up on what's happening in the Peanuts world is like keeping up with what's happening in the real world, right? There are squabbles and friendships and frustrations and people not understanding other people, which can lead to dark nights of the soul when you're questioning everything around you.

The other day when I read this Frazz comic, I laughed. I laughed because I saw myself in it, and then somewhat ironically, I wanted to share it immediately. The irony will be apparent after you read it.


{I hope that's big enough for you to see. I'm not so technical, so I couldn't make the size work out just right on this, so if you can't see it...um, call me, and I'll describe it to you in detail. I might even make different voices for the different characters.}

"I think they make us do show and tell so that we won't grow up to be bloggers."

"Life will be embarrassing some days no matter how you share it."

Ah, the sharing part of blogging. Now more than any other time, we can let basically everyone we know—and even people we don't know all that well—everything about us.

For example: here's a list of what ran through my head today. These are the kinds of things we're allowed to share instantaneously now, thanks to technology and a cultural shift to overshare.

"I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch today, and it made me think of going to the Sandwich Shop in downtown Burlington with my mom."

"During my massage today, I fell asleep for a little while and then did that jumping awake thing."

"Update from my massage: the music playing is Beethoven. How insulted do you think Beethoven would be if he knew that his creations, his masterpieces that pulled hours from him as he tried to find the notes in the discord, are now associated with gentle relaxation?"

"Update #2 from my massage: now 'What Child Is This?' is playing. Dear Aria Spa in Vail, it's time to change your music. Keep up with the times."

"Having people massage my scalp gives me the heebie-jeebies. I had to dig my fingernails into my palms do keep from shaking."

"Wow, I have a lot of thoughts while I have a massage. I should blog about this."

"But who cares?"

We can tell everyone everything now, but remember back in Jane Austen times when discretion was the thing?

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