07 March 2011

the dixie chicks, they speak to me

Yesterday, my iPod was on shuffle as I sat in the armchair I got at a garage sale and did the Sunday crossword.

I will let you think it was the New York Times Sunday crossword.

Mixed in with musicals and French music on my iPod is a lot of folk and a little country. The Dixie Chicks came on—and even though I have heard their songs hundreds of times and listening to them takes me back to high school and early college—I stopped the crossword and listened like it was the first time.

They sang:
We're afraid to be idle
So we fill up the days
Run on the treadmill
Keep slaving away

I was trying to be idle yesterday. Doing the crossword, taking time to cook a slightly fancy lunch, taking a long walk with my little pug. I was trying, but I still felt restless.

So I put down the crossword, hit repeat on the iPod, and sat. I just sat. I was idle.


  1. It sounds like we had a similar Sunday malaise. Glad that you rested idly. http://naphtalia.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/writing-in-the-shower/

  2. I managed to be awake for only 8 hours on Sunday. They were not consecutive hours, either.



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