17 March 2011

how i know spring is coming

I know spring is coming because:

I slept with the windows open last night.

A bird woke me up. Actually, several birds. Now I'm imaging how frightening it would be to actually be awoken by a bird and not just by birdsong. Like one that pecked its way through your screen and then perched on the foot of your bed, staring until you woke up. I think The Birds and "The Raven" have ruined me for enjoying birds. {My experience with the robins on my balcony last year didn't help, either, but that doesn't mean I wasn't still smiling when I woke up this morning to birdsong.}

When I took little pug on her morning walk, I didn't wear gloves, and what a beautiful moment it was. Miss Daisy didn't seem as thrilled by this, probably because she never has to wear gloves.

And I know it's almost spring because of these things:

Gentle, golden morning light through sparse trees

Fresh greens—and little petals of white

Flower shoes {aka, shoes that are more stylish than practical}

1 comment:

  1. and I took my run in shorts this morning. It was so wonderful. I felt free & the birds cheered me on.



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