19 September 2011

and a good time was had by all

With absolutely no context clues, I bet this picture makes very little sense.

Has she run out of things to say and will now start posting pictures of her looking at her watch? Is that supposed to be some sort of commentary on time passing and not knowing what to do with it?


No, I have not run out of things to say. And I hope I would never make a bizarre commentary like that. It sounds sad and post-modern.

That's my time for the Air Force Half-marathon this past weekend.

I have some more thoughts about my time running, including:
  • how I didn't make my goal time but how that's okay
  • how my mind wandered while running
  • how it's ironic that my last blog post was titled "slow down. you move too fast," but I spent a chunk of Saturday saying, "Swing those arms. Turn over those legs. Move a little bit faster."
  • how Mary Tyler Moore, Jesus, and my grandpa helped me push on at one point

But first I need to collect my thoughts from the 13.1-mile route where I dropped them.

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