22 September 2011

ode to the cardigan {a poem}

Oh, cardigan—
you, most flexible of clothing pieces—
you make me feel like a blend of

Laura Petrie
{Oh, Rob-ing my way through a dance
in a poofy, twirling skirt,
entertaining the troops with the USO}

Sandy in Grease
{before, of course, she casts off her
goody-two-shoes so that she can squeeze into those shape-shifting
black leather pants}

a girl version of Mr. Rogers
{without, I should point out,
the puppets and
the little train set}

an Anthropologie ad
{photographed, I would hope,
in a house built by a Rockefeller
or a Vanderbilt on the rugged, rocky coast of New England}

Or, you, my dear cardigan—
in cream or black
with pearls or costume jewelry
buttoned-up or loose
with jeans or a pencil skirt—

you, my dear cardigan,
make me feel like just plain me:
A girl with options and layers.


  1. who knew a cardigan could inspire you in so many ways? oh, bannana republic sales, how great you are!

  2. Here's a mindblower: I bought that violet cardigan AFTER I wrote this poem.

    So, did I try the perfect new cardigan to me with my ode?

    Or was my subconscious simply in the mood for a new cardigan and so wrote a poem about it?



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