12 January 2012

i made it snow

On Tuesday, I did the literary equivalent of a rain dance but for snow: I blogged about "Snow in the Suburbs" by Thomas Hardy.

And it WORKED.

I have power over the weather.

Or maybe I have power over you: I said that if we all chanted the poem three times, then it would snow.

And it WORKED.*

This is what was outside my office window today:

As an added perk, you can see what a dull office park I work in. At least there's a bush outside my window—something more than concrete and cars.

* It's in this asterisked note that I'll admit that I knew the weather forecast when I wrote about my incantation of Hardy to bring snow. It's hard to listen to NPR as much as I do and not know the weather forecast. Heck, it's hard to be a person who makes small talk and not know the weather forecast, especially in the Midwest.

So I guess I don't have power over the weather. Or you.

Sigh. I guess I just have power over my ability to listen to and retain information.

** This double-asterisked note is more for me: Self, buy snow boots. Your lack of preparation for the weather is appalling.


  1. All praise Kamiah and her all-knowing weather poems!

    Congrats on your snow and have a lovely time in Colorado! :-)

  2. I know everything about the weather.

    Or maybe everything about everything.

    Oh, no, that second one definitely isn't true.

    I think I'm going to need to do a little reading of Hardy out here: they need more snow!



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