31 January 2012

february fun

February is, with all due apologies to TS Eliot and his wasteland, the cruellest month.

It is my least favorite month, odd as it seems to be at odds with an entire month. I think this has something to do with how Christmas is long past and spring is far away.

{I should insert this: USUALLY. Usually spring is far away, but today, I took a walk around my office building without a coat on, not even the light jacket I wore for the day. Birds were singing, and everywhere I went today, people talked with a bounce in their voice as we discussed the weather. Maybe this very confused winter will help me like February more.}

A few years back, a couple of friends and I decided to counteract the blah of February by developing a February Fun List. Every day, we would do something small, just to bring a little lift to the day.

I'm reinstating February Fun, but I need a little help: below is the list Katie, Rachel, and I created before, but some things needed to be taken out because they were so specific to that year {such as: Make that uber-long choir rehearsal fun by bringing treats}.

What would you suggest for February Fun?

Seriously, I'm open to anything. But please keep in mind:
  • These should be small things. No "write a novel" or "fly to [wherever] to visit [insert friend's name]."
  • Most of these are work days. Please don't make me dress crazy or skip work.
  • I guess if I have stipulations, I'm not really open to anything, am I?
  • Perhaps one of these should be "work on control issues." Although, well, that counters point 1 in this list of stipulations.
  • But really, leave me a comment, and I'll work it into the list.
  • And you know, you could totally join me in this February Fun. As you can tell from the name, it will be fun.

February Fun List {updated February 3, 2012, after gathering input from fun friends}

  1. send a someecard
  2. wear fun earrings
  3. write a letter to someone you haven't talked to in awhile
  4. read a short story
  5. write a poem
  6. school spirit day {Remember back in high school when you got to have different Spirit Days, such as Wear Your Pajamas to School Day or 70s Day? We don't get Spirit Days in the Grown-up World, so I'm declaring a personal Spirit Day. For me, this means I could wear something purple and gray in support of my high school team, the Grayhounds—Fight, Purple! Fight, Gray! Fight, fight today! Yes, I still remember my cheerleading chants.}
  7. throw out all the socks you don't really like and go get more of the ones you like the most
  8. buy flowers
  9. eat dark chocolate {good for the brain, you know}
  10. organize something you've been wanting to get in order {can be small, bt-dubs}
  11. start watching a tv show you haven't ever seen
  12. watch an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, perhaps with a friend who's never seen it
  13. be crafty: sew a little something
  14. go to a gas station and pay for a random person's stuff
  15. wear fun underwear
  16. paint your nails
  17. call friend/family
  18. make a new playlist
  19. watch the Downton Abbey Christmas special with friends and try not to let your inner fangirl out too, too much
  20. do some sort of outdoor activity {walking Miss Daisy doesn't really count}
  21. bake for your co-workers
  22. Ash Wednesday...um, give up something for Lent day...
  23. wear a power outfit {Note #1: shoulder pads not necessary} {Note #2: Especially appropriate this year, since I'll be in Palm Springs at a conference making a video series with a bunch of doctors}
  24. re-read a favorite childhood book
  25. be a wine-o {or just have a glass of wine}
  26. run 10 miles
  27. make hot cocoa. Like real hot cocoa, not Swiss Miss
  28. try a new recipe
  29. schedule coffee with a friend {or dinner or whatever—basically, schedule quality time with someone. Good friends don't count—this need to be someone you don't see much.}


  1. Don't forget to celebrate Beth's birthday on the 22. You should probably do that by watching Holiday Inn and singing along to the Washington's Birthday song and replace Washington with Bethington. :-)

  2. a. Buy a cheap bottle of shampoo or conditioner and use the entire thing at once.

    b. Spend some time with a friend buying clothes at a thrift store - for the other person. The kicker is they have to wear the outfit you buy all day long.

    c. Start watching a tv show you haven't ever seen. I suggest it be Community.

    d. Go to a gas station and pay for a random person's stuff.

    e. Throw out all the socks you don't really like and go get more of the ones you like the most.

    f. Decide on a secret word of the day, and whenever somebody says it, high five them.

    g. Get a group of friends to go to a restaurant and everybody go sing that restaurant's birthday song to somebody who looks like they'd enjoy it. Or just the normal happy birthday. Huge bonus points if you order a dessert and bring a candle to put in it and set in front of them.

    h. Let me know if you need more. Please take pictures or video of some of these things!

  3. An excellent idea, Beth. I'm still laughing over "Bethington."

  4. And Jared, you are SO GOOD at coming up with ideas for this. You should do these, too, and take pictures/videos :)



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