20 February 2014

things I forgot today

It must've been the weather that threw me off so terrifically. Yes, let's blame how we experienced basically all forms of weather today: rain, sleet, thunder, lightning, wind, and overall gray cloudiness, the kind that makes the sky feel oppressive and makes the earth feel small and makes you feel trapped on this small earth.

I had a day of forgetfulness, perhaps because most of my brain power went to trying to keep up with the weather. In no particular order, here is what I forgot today:
  • My coffee: I poured some into my travel mug and then left it on the kitchen counter.
  • My socks: I went to the gym after work {this running every day in February thing is going well} and realized as I unpacked my gym bag that I had forgotten to pack socks. This was nowhere near as terrible as the time I forgot both my shirt and a sports bra.
  • My umbrella: At my office, we have to completely clean off our desks at the end of the day, and this includes the area under our desk. Pretty much they want it to look like no one works there, but today, I forgot my umbrella under my desk, and from the previously mentioned crazy weather thing, you'll know that I very much missed that on the way home. I'm also, fyi, living in fear that I'll get in trouble tomorrow for leaving my umbrella and making it look like my desk was used and like a real person sits there for 8 hours a day.
  • My credit card: Not really a terrible thing, since I didn't spend any money today, but I definitely left my credit card on my dining room table. What, you keep yours in your wallet all the time? I do, too, except for yesterday when I took it running so that I could stop at the store on the way home and buy half-and-half for the vanilla pudding I was making. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone, but it just led to me being birdless and stoneless today, by which I mean I didn't put it back in my wallet when I got home with my half-and-half and so I was credit card-less today. I think this might be a first world problem.
  • The combination to my gym locker: No, I didn't really forget that, but doesn't that make you feel all panicky, just to think about it? It makes you feel like you're back in middle school, doesn't it? You have 3 minutes to get to your next class, and you can't remember how many times to spin your lock while you're going for the second number. Time is ticking, and you are definitely going to get in trouble. In all honesty, I'm surprised this didn't happen to me today, given how this scenario is clearly a deep-seated fear of mine that I can conjure up at a moments' notice.

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