02 April 2011

a change in perspective

Today, I needed a change in perspective and so I re-arranged my bedroom.

I've heard it said that paint is the cheapest way to redecorate, but you know, just by moving around some furniture, you can feel like you're in a new place, a new room, a new room.

You can get a change in perspective just by moving your bed.

I thought of this in the midst of a 9-mile run this morning. I spent several miles re-arranging my bedroom in my head. Would the bed be better against that wall? Would the dresser fit there? What about the artwork?

Running is useful for all kinds of things, including physical fitness and a sense of accomplishment.

But I also use it as rambling thinking time.

Under other circumstances, I wouldn't allow myself 30 minutes to imagine moving furniture.

On a sunny Saturday morning, though, a few miles into a long-ish run and completely music-less {Lent and its lack of distraction apply even on the running path}, I let my mind wander over art options and so when I got to the end of my run, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

And somehow, my body wasn't tired enough from running, so I had the energy to move my bed. By myself. I thought of it as weight lifting to accompany my cardio exercise.

I will say: moving my bed and vacuuming was more fun than reps at the gym. If I keep this up, I could have constantly re-arranging furniture {new perspectives all the time!}; a home scrubbed so clean, there's no paint on the walls or sheen to the hardwood floor; and amazing arm muscles.

I am content with my change in perspective. The whole point of this was to make it possible for me to look out the window first thing in the morning. Without even getting out of bed, I can see the just-growing-light sky and the just-budding trees.

I can see my day before I even set foot on the ground, and I can say, "Thank you, Lord, for this day."

A chair for reading. Shoes for running.
And a curly pug tail because Miss Daisy wouldn't stay out of my picture.

A good good morning view.


  1. Love, love, love the picture of your chair. With just the corner of a desk and a pug tail. What a sweet vignette of your life.

  2. Thanks, Val :) That picture does give a pretty accurate glance at my life.



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