10 April 2011

men working in trees

Men Working in Trees: I drove by this sign the other morning on my way to work, and I laughed.

It's so straightforward, this description of a job, but why, I'm left wondering, do we get warned about the men in trees?

And who else is thinking of The Sound of Music? You know, the part with the Von Trapp kids hanging in trees in their outfits made of curtains. I will sing the solfege and a little something about edelweiss, if that will help you remember.

I'm guessing the Men Working in Trees are not wearing curtains. {Who except the Von Trapps and Scarlett O'Hara really wear curtains?}

Away from curtains and back to my original question: why do the Men in Trees get signs? What about the Men on Telephone Poles? Or the Men on Lawnmowers?

Or—let us not forget—the Women in Trees?

They have to be up there somewhere, up there working away while a sign down below calls them a man.

But again, I'll go back to the question: what's so special about these men? Is the city concerned that people will panic when they see a man climbing a tree?

"Oh NO, NO, NO! That man is displaying childlike wonder at the world and he's forgotten to go to work today! Instead, he's swinging on a branch to re-capture his boyish charm! Stop him! Get him in a tie!"


"That man thinks he's an ape. Perhaps the world has turned into Planet of the Apes. Panic panic panic."

This seems unfair and biased and peculiar and antiquated, this Men Working in Trees sign, and that's why I laughed.

Also: I want a Girl Working in Cubicle sign.

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